Illustrator tips and techniques

I'm doing a lot of Illustrator work at the moment: making multiple frames and getting people to move efficiently requires a bit of illustrator magic here and there. I'm learning new little tricks with Illustrator every day so i thought i'd collect the most fun and useful tutorials that i come across right here:


Full screen flash that works on IE 6 and 7

On I wanted full screen flash to get that fully immersive flash experience. This is fairly simple to achieve with SWFObject, but there are a few IE gotchas.

Depending on how you want to do it there are a few CSS options. What I wanted to do was get the flash object to take over the whole browser and remove any other div, I also wanted to remove the scrollbars. Any scaling and scrolling I would do within the flash.


Hooking up Drupal and Flash

You can make an entire site in Flash and use Drupal as a back end using Drupal's Services module, but to make it easy and secure is a pain. But seeing as you're using Drupal as a framework for the data, why not also use a framework for the Flash end of things - this is where dp+dk step in.


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