Remove margin for the last floated element in a responsive layout

Often if you have a series of floated thumbnails you will want to remove the margin from the last and perhaps first elements. In a responsive layout where you don't know the width of the container this is trick.

Here's some jQuery that shows you how:

Installing Drush on a Mac for idiots (like me)

So i've just got Drush running on my mac, like many things command line the install instructions have a number of assumptions. After ploughing through lots of forums and help pages and running headlong into a few errors here's my take on it.

I'm currently running OS 10.7.5 and MAMP 1.9.1 - they aren't the latest i know, but i dont hate myself so i'm not upgrading just yet.

Converting my app to run on iOS6

This was fairly painless apart from the orientation stuff changing somewhat in iOS 6. The main problem being that preventDefault() is now depreciated as iOS 6 handles things in a different way.

There's some useful stuff here about it:


StageVideo on iOS with AIR

I've found it hard to find a recent tutorial apart from this brilliant one by Lee Brimelow:
I'd recommend watching that tutorial first as it explains everything, then if you want to copy the code see below, there's also a zip containing everything (you'll need to follow

Use -plaformsdk to package external iOS SDK with Flash CS5.5 using ADT via Terminal

I wanted to make an iPhone app for the new iPad 3, to do this you have to use iOS 5.1. This involves doing a few tricky things. Firstly you can only currently do this on a mac running the latest version of lion (at the time of writing) as you need Xcode 4.3.2, so if you have that here's what you do:


NMC Recordings website press

The NMC Recordings website:, designed and developed between myself and AVCO is going to be officially launched next week, but its already generated some press...


The magical floating iPlayer

(reprinted from

Here’s a (Leopard) multi-tasking tip to view any iPlayer stream on your desktop while you are ‘working’ on that important document or presentation:
Using Safari’s Webclip feature to view the iPlayer content as a Dashboard Widget. First you need to enable Dashboard’s ‘devmode’ - this allows you to float a Widget on your desktop outside of Dashboard. You only need to do this once, devmode will be enabled permanently.


Why you should (or shouldn't) have very secure passwords

More than a few times now i've had issues with users on a Drupal site where they've stated that something doesn't work for them, and its very useful to put yourself in their shoes and see what they're seeing. Of course as a site administrator you can see all their data anyway, but the permissions are different. What you really want is their password.


Drag to Share module released for Drupal

Drag to Share is the first module that i've uploaded to It allows you to share the current node with Twitter, Digg, Delicious and Facebook using some nifty JQuery.

Many thanks to Dan Wellman who provided much of the starter JQuery for this here:

Fairly substantial changes were made to that JQuery in order to support the older version that Drupal 6 uses, and also to allow customisation of the interface.

Whats the point of Google Wave

Now don't get me wrong, I think Google Wave is amazing, but recently i've been trying to work out what good it is if i can't use it for my emails and have to also sign in to my Gmail account.

The problem is that its obviously such a sophisticated tool, but currently you really need everyone you know to use it in order for it to be useful. Or so i thought.

I'm starting to find some really cool thing to do with Google Waves, and i'm sure that by the time it goes public various hurdles in getting it to integrate with the rest of the Google world will be overcome.



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